Here’s How You Can Finally Get a PS5

Ever since the PS5 was released, gamers have been going crazy trying to get their hands on the system — but the supply is way behind the demand. Unfortunately, this means that every time retailers stock PS5s online, they sell out in seconds.

There are several reasons why the PS5 has become a rare console. The main reason is a global chip shortage, which has slowed down production. On top of that, there’s the ongoing supply chain crisis. As a result, the PS5 resale prices have also shot up to and above $1,000 per system.

However, there are tricks to help you easily cop a PS5 online. If you’re wondering how to cop a PS5, you’re about to learn everything you need to know to get your hands on the new “it” gaming console.

How to Cop a PS5

How to Cop a PS5

You can buy a PS5 from online retailers with the help of a PS5 bot. As a scraping bot, a PS5 bot keeps a check on the inventory of the sites that sell the gaming console. As soon as they restock the PS5, you will be notified so you can purchase it.

The different available online bots work differently. These bots often send notifications through social media, so you have to follow the bot account and ensure that you get push notifications on your phone.

Other bots may also offer to place the order for you, further speeding up the process and improving your odds. Unfortunately, the PS5 can sell out quickly, so you have to be quick to check out.

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Why Get a Bot for PS5?

Why Get a Bot for PS5?

Your chances of getting a PS5 in-store or online are pretty slim because there are not that many units. In addition, resale prices are typically way higher than retail prices. If all of that is not enough, there’s always the risk of getting scammed.

Using a bot to cop a PS5 may give you an edge over those buyers refreshing their screens repeatedly in hopes of buying the console. You don’t have to be on the retailer’s website all the time or set up alerts that all other shoppers will also probably get.

Instead, a bot will automate the process and notify you instantly once a PS5 is available on a retailer’s site.

Drawbacks of using a bot to cop a PS5

But there are drawbacks to using a bot to cop PS5:

  • Retailer websites have strict control protocols to detect that a bot is scraping the web pages. If caught, they can blacklist your IP address, which will block access to the site altogether from your device.
  • Then there’s the shortcoming of bots that only notify of restocks. The bulk of the buying process is still your responsibility. If you’re not fast enough, someone else may beat you to it.

To counteract these issues, you need a PS5 proxy.

What Is a Proxy Server for PS5?

What Is a Proxy Server for PS5?

A proxy for PS5s is essentially a proxy server that reroutes the request, so the actual IP address does not become apparent to the receiving server. In other words, a proxy server would work in conjunction with the PS5 bot, hiding the actual IP address.

The benefit of using a proxy for copping PS5 is that it will prevent the retailer websites from catching the bot. You can also use proxies to access the geo-restricted websites to cop a PS5. For instance, you can keep a check on websites in Europe or Asia and buy the PS5 from there if it’s not available in your local market.

If you’re wondering, “Should I use a proxy server PS5?” The answer is: Yes.

Without a proxy, your PS5 bot may not be successful. It may even do more harm than good because if your IP address is blocked, you won’t be able to access that website anymore.

Best Proxy Servers for PS5 Copping

Best Proxy Servers for PS5 Copping

Now that you understand what a proxy server for PS5 is and how important it is for copping a console, you can get the proxies you need. The good thing is that if you’re using one for your personal needs, you don’t need a lot of proxies.

Rayobyte offers the best proxies to go with scraping bots — including PS5 bots. These proxies are highly reliable and work seamlessly with any bot. Unlike cheap, free IPs, these IPs usually have never been used.

To cop a PS5, you can choose from three different kinds of proxies:

Data center proxies

Rayobyte data center proxies are the most affordable and ideal for those looking for a bigger proxy pool. If you’re targeting multiple retailer websites to buy a PS5, you can use data center IP addresses without spending a fortune.

Data center proxies offer reliable speeds and effectively hide your real IP address. Unlike residential proxies, these are based in data centers, so they are not that expensive. Furthermore, you get unlimited bandwidth and connections. However, data center proxies are not as discreet as residential proxies.

ISP proxies

Rayobyte ISP proxies combine the reliability of residential proxies with the speed of data center proxies. With 5 ASNs, Rayobyte ensures that you have high availability and redundancy.

ISP proxies offer high speed (up to 1 Gbps) and are more secure and discreet than data center proxies because genuine internet service providers provide the IP addresses. These are also good value for what you pay. But if you want to mimic real users, ISP proxies won’t be as reliable as residential proxies.

Residential proxies

Rayobyte residential proxies come from almost every region of the world so that you can geo-target PS5 retailers. With a large IP Pool of addresses, you will get unique IP addresses that have never been used before.

Residential proxies are the most secure of all types of proxies, as these have physical locations and ISP-provided IP addresses. These proxies are also top performers when it comes to speed. Residential proxies are pricey — but they’re worth the investment.

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It took years for PS5 to be available to the public finally. Unfortunately, many gamers are still waiting to buy a unit — even after waiting for months. However, with the help of a bot and PS5 proxy, you successfully know how to cop a PS5 the next time it’s available.

Good to Know

You’ve learned how to cop a PS5 with bot and proxies, but there are still some tricks that can come in handy. For instance, ensure your credit card details and shipping address are already filled in, so there’s no delay when placing an order.

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