Everything You Need To Know On How To Bounce Your IP Address

IP hopping is when you use one IP address for a while and then switch to another one. This can also be called IP bouncing. IP bouncing lets you hide your real IP address and avoid getting flagged or banned from the websites you visit.

Use Cases for Bouncing Your IP Address

Use Cases for Bouncing Your IP Address

IP bouncing is used by everyday professionals to securely transfer data. This method is called fast IP hopping and involves using a pattern of changing IP addresses that are known to both parties but are kept from everyone else. This highly technical form of IP hopping is beyond the scope of this article, but it is discussed in detail here.

Another, less technical form of IP bouncing is used by people who want to keep their true IP address hidden for security and privacy reasons. IP hopping is also used by people who want to scrape data for analysis or use shopping bots to obtain limited-edition items that sell out quickly.

For some use cases, IP hopping may be more than they need. If all you want to do is shield your IP address while you surf the web, using a single, static proxy IP address may be the perfect solution. You’ll simply just trade your real IP address for a proxy and carry on as normal.

However, if you’re data scraping or using a shopping bot, one proxy IP address will quickly get banned and become virtually useless. Most websites have built-in anti-bot software that automatically detects bot-like behavior and blocks the offending IP address. To get around this software, you’ll need to bounce your IP address frequently.

Bouncing your IP address with each request makes a website think that each request is sent by a separate user. Because this mimics normal human behavior, it lets your bot avoid detection.

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Problems With Bouncing Your IP Address

Problems With Bouncing Your IP Address

Security measures on many websites are increasing, so you may run into problems if you aren’t careful about IP hopping. Websites that detect unusual changes in IP addresses of the same user account may ban the user. Forgetting to clear your cookies and using IP addresses from different countries can raise a red flag. A good practice for bouncing your IP address is to stick with proxy IP addresses from the same country.

You can do this by using a backconnect node for a specific country. You set this up similarly to a proxy network. However, it allows you to access proxies only from a specific country or even city, depending on the geo-restriction you set.

How To Bounce Your IP Address With a Proxy Server

How To Bounce Your IP Address With a Proxy Server

Using proxies for IP hopping requires a pool of proxy IP addresses that you can rotate. There are several different types of proxies you can use to bounce your IP address.

ISP proxies

ISP proxies are issued by internet service providers (ISPs), but they’re not associated with an end user. Instead, they’re hosted in data centers. Unlike data center proxies, ISP proxies are not easily identifiable as coming from a data center. This gives them more authority and reliability. Many websites block data center proxies automatically.

Most people use IP addresses issued by ISPs to access the internet, so IP addresses associated with data centers are automatically suspicious. ISP proxies avoid this by using the autonomous system numbers (ASNs) associated with trusted ISPs such as Verizon and Comcast. Rayobyte offers ISP proxies with five ASNs, so if you do get banned, you can automatically rotate to another ASN to avoid being blocked. Because ISP proxies are still hosted by data centers, you get the speed of data center proxies combined with the authority of ISP proxies.

Rotating ISP proxies

Rotating ISP proxies are a pool of ISP proxies that will rotate through with each request. For example, if you’re using a web scraper to scrape data, it will send requests much faster than any normal human user. If all of those requests come from the same IP, and not rotating, the website would automatically block the IP address!

These proxies help you avoid getting blocked by attaching a new IP address to each request. So if your bot sends 200 requests, each one will come from a different IP address. To the website you’re accessing, it looks like 200 users sending one request each instead of one user sending 200 requests. Rayobyte’s rotating ISP proxies are the best on the market. If you need to keep an IP address for an extended period, you can use the sticky function to keep it as long as you want.

Rotating residential proxies

Although ISP proxies have many benefits, the gold standard for IP hopping is rotating residential proxies. Residential proxies are IP addresses issued to end users by ISPs. They have to be sourced directly from end users. With rotating residential proxies, your proxy IP address will change with each connection. Rotating residential proxies let you avoid CAPTCHAs and other anti-scraping technology.

Rayobyte offers unlimited threads so you can send as many concurrent connections as you want, and each will be sent with a unique residential IP address. We have a large pool of residential IP addresses. You can target any country in the world at no additional cost.  Additionally, we take an ethics-first approach to sourcing residential IP addresses, so you don’t have to worry about being associated with an unethical proxy provider.

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Bouncing your IP address is a valuable tool that can help you protect your privacy and anonymity while on the internet. You may also need to use proxies for IP hopping if you’re using automated data collection methods. Rotating residential proxies are the best type for bouncing your IP address. Because they’re authentic IP addresses associated with real users, they give you the authority you need to successfully bounce your IP address for any reason.

No one will work harder than Rayobyte to help you succeed and can answer any questions you may have about how to bounce your IP address. Our unmatched customer service team is available 24/7. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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