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What Is Alternative Data And How Can It Help Me?

When a company posts a job opening on a site, it’s a data point that could be an indicator of growth. If user ratings for a company’s listing on Glassdoor start to plummet, that company may be in trouble. Even social media buzz can offer valuable insight into how well a company is doing.

Alternative data is available for big data insights–and it doesn’t have to be challenging to collect. Web scraping with reliable proxies from Rayobyte is an investment that will pay off. Financial institutions maintain giant pools of usable data that can be harnessed for smart moves, so you should be smart about how you can collect it with efficient processes and a trusted partner.

Rayobyte Proxy Features

No Downtime

We ensure 99% uptime through a proprietary monitoring system, high availability, a 24/7 team of technical experts and immediate proxy rotation.

End-to-End Hardware Control

We own our IP infrastructure all the way up to the bandwidth provider, giving us control over the factors that can affect uptime. We also own our own ASNs, meaning you’ll longer IP address health and better performance.

100% Ethically Sourced

We’re very passionate about our ethical standards and enforce strict quality control. Learn how we’re setting the bar for ethical usage and acquisition of IPs for the entire proxy industry.

#1 US-Based Proxy Provider

We’re the largest US-based proxy provider and we’re happy to work with users to find a solution that works for them. Learn more about partnering with us.

Rayobyte: The Ultimate Business Partner

Looking to collect alternative data? Partner with us for efficient and reliable proxy solutions that support a range of needs. Put our services to the test! Scrape data in bulk quickly and securely to find insights that will make your business more competitive.

We offer a range of proxies that can meet any specification for any task. Our residential proxies are ethically sourced and designed for big web scraping projects. Our data center proxies offer locations across the globe, no bandwidth limits, and free replacements so your web scraping projects will always run smoothly. We are the proxy partner that will open your business up to more market opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are different sources of alternative data?

There are many different alternative data sources, including: Retail data about transactions in stores and online, real estate figures about sales, leases and rentals, geo-location data, like location tracking from mobile devices, even shipping data about vessels, volumes and positioning.

Who can use alternative data?

You can use alternative data for more than just making important financial and investment decisions.

For example: Journalists looking for trends and stories, citizens holding governments accountable for the accuracy of data sets, contractors applying it to predict growth and opportunities, businesses using it to examine consumer behavior and preferences, governments using it for policy making, climate tracking and to make sure aid is being used correctly.

Do you offer unlimited bandwidth?

Our data center and ISP proxies come with both unlimited bandwidth and threads.

Our residential and mobile proxies are charged on a per-GB basis, but we don’t limit the GB you can purchase, and don’t add any hidden fees to the bandwidth cost.

Do you offer API access and proxy authentication?

Yes. You can download your current proxy list, add and remove IP authorizations, and more.

Yes. We offer whitelisted IP authorization and authorization by username/password. An automated tour guide will take you through the process after signup.

Do you offer HTTP(S) and SOCKS protocols?

Yes. Every purchase comes with the ability to choose between the 3 protocols during the proxy authorization process after signup.

How can I learn more?

You can contact our expert sales and support teams here, watch our videos on YouTube here, or read our blog for more knowledge on all things proxies.

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