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As a kid, there was nothing so stressful as trying to catch my favorite cartoons after school. I would bid farewell to my friends and run straight uphill towards my house, hoping to make it back before Dexter’s Lab had finished. The number of times I missed Dexter, the kid genius, discover a scientific breakthrough, are too many to count. So, you can imagine my shock, and pure jealousy, over Gen-Z’s ability to watch any show at any time. Gone are the days of missing episodes or rewinding tapes until your brain turns to goo.

Today, we have Hulu, the massively popular online streaming site. A site that releases the latest episodes of your favorite shows. No matter your go-to channel, subscription-based, or otherwise, Hulu has you covered. If you think I have not gone back and watched Dexter’s Lab with Hulu Live, you would be dead wrong. But for all that Hulu has to offer, it is not available to watch everywhere in the world. Luckily, even if you are outside of the United States, you are not entirely out of luck. That is where a Hulu proxy comes in handy.

Whether you are familiar with proxies or are entirely new to the concept, a Hulu proxy is specific to the streaming site. I want to define how a proxy works and what it means in terms of using Hulu. In this blog, I am going to take you through what Hulu proxies are, different ways to use them, and discuss what makes for a high-quality proxy. Do not let location restrictions stop you from watching online content that you love.

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What Is a Hulu Proxy?

I will admit I was a little intimidated by proxies at first. I wanted to watch Hulu from another country and figured I was out of luck. But little did I know, using proxies was simple, and understanding how they work was the key to installing the right type of proxy for all of my Hulu binge sessions.

First, it is important to note that every single device you use is identified by a unique IP address. Think of this address as a street address. It is how the website finds and tracks you. Do not fret, it is not as devious as it sounds. Many sites track IP addresses in order to gain a reading on website traffic and conversions. While useful for the website, your IP comes with limitations. For example, if your IP originates in a certain area, then you will only have access to content in that area or within the confines of your location. What is the solution? A proxy.

Proxies are a new way to enter the internet. They act as a gateway between websites and your device. Not only do proxies allow you entrance into sites you did not have access to, but they also add a layer of protection. They shield your identity and protect your personal information, giving you a bit of anonymity while hopping from one browser tab to another.

What does this mean in terms of using Hulu? With the help of a Hulu proxy tool, those who do not live in the areas where Hulu is available will have access to the site. I will talk more about the specific benefits of a Hulu proxy in the next sections, but just know you are not limited to the reach of your original IP address.

What to know even more about how to stream your favorite content while abroad? Check out our blog on Netflix proxies here.

Benefits of an Anonymous Hulu Proxy

With so much to see and interact with on the internet, it can be difficult to keep your identity hidden and your personal information private. It seems every website you visit asks you for an email address. Plus, every time you enter credit card information into a site, you make yourself vulnerable. One of the main reasons to sign into Hulu with a proxy is to remain anonymous while you binge the latest season of The Bachelor. Remember how we talked about the way proxies shield your identity? The idea of staying protected is a huge draw for Hulu users.

One thing to keep in mind is the type of proxy you are buying. I emphasize the word “buying” here. While free proxies can be enticing, they are often unreliable and unsafe. In fact, install the wrong one, and you are even less protected than you were before. Best to buy your proxy from a reliable provider.

Beyond investing in a quality anonymous Hulu proxy, the kind of proxy you use for Hulu matters. The two most popular kinds of proxies are semi-dedicated and dedicated. While semi-dedicated is fairly inexpensive, you have to share them with a few other people.

For our purposes, I recommend using a dedicated proxy. Dedicated proxies are used by you and no one else. This means that only you have access to the network, which helps with anonymity, as well as bandwidth.

Best of all, once you choose your anonymous proxy, set up is simple. You need only go into the settings of your favorite browser and enter the proxy information into the indicated sections. If you are hoping to watch Hulu without compromising your safety, install your proxy today, and get streaming once again.

How to Watch Hulu Abroad

How to Watch Hulu Abroad

Even though Hulu makes it very clear whether or not you have access to content based on your location, you might be wondering how Netflix and Hulu detect proxies in the first place. Well, it is all about copyright restrictions. The networks and film distributors who own the rights can dictate where the content can be shown. That is one of the reasons why movies and shows are released at different times in different parts of the world.

Now I did not mention all of this background information to scare you, only to inform you as to why it can be so difficult to access the content you want. But there is a way to bypass this and that is a Hulu proxy. While you might have heard about VPNs during primary research about unblocking content, I find proxies to be far superior. For one, public VPNs can be used by anyone and are often flooded with traffic, causing poor connections. In addition, public VPNs are easier for Hulu to track, especially if used by a large number of people at once. The more people that are on, the more likely it will be that Hulu will block that VPN and effectively lock out anyone accessing their Hulu account with it.

Lucky for us, discovering how to watch Hulu abroad is simple. Your dedicated Hulu proxy will allow you to watch your favorite shows from anywhere in the world. Because you can choose the location of your proxy, streaming sites think that you are truly located in the place where your proxy server and the proxy tool is located, thus allowing you to watch Hulu from anywhere. Not only that but if you travel a lot and still want to see Hulu content, once you install your proxy, you will be able to stream videos regardless of the WiFi you are logged into. Just because you live outside of the United States, that does not mean you should not be able to watch the most popular shows around.

Unblock Hulu With a Proxy

While getting locked out of your account is never fun, it does happen. Thankfully, another popular reason for using proxies is to unblock Hulu. Let’s say that your account gets blocked because you move to another country or travel a lot for work. A Hulu proxy can unblock your account and make it look as though you are actually in the United States. You see, when you buy your proxy from a reliable provider, you are able to choose what country you want your proxy server to be located in. So, if you live in Australia, you can buy a proxy that is located in the United States. Once the proxy is installed, websites like Hulu will think that your device is in whatever city that the proxy server is in.

I would even recommend that you create an entirely new account, one that is used when and only when you are using your proxy. A sure-fire way to draw attention to your online activity is to constantly hop from one IP address to another. Websites tend to find that sort of maneuvering suspicious. It is better to use one proxy for a significant length of time. That way, you are using the same IP address on the same Hulu account, rather than a bunch of different proxies getting rotated out on a regular basis. The main goal is to make your account and your activity appear human, rather than the work of an automated bot.

Bottom line, with the help of a Hulu proxy, you will have no problem watching the content you love, regardless of where you bought your device or your physical location in the world. 

Finding the Best Proxy for Hulu

Finding the Best Proxy for Hulu

Now that we have a handle on using Hulu proxies and how to watch Hulu abroad without getting blocked, I am sure you are wondering what makes for a high-quality proxy? Here are a few different ways to tell you have found the right proxy provider and the best proxy for Hulu.

First, make sure that the proxy provider offers proxies that are located in the United States, as Hulu is only offered in the US at the moment. So long as the provider offers it, you will be able to access Hulu fast. Second, you will want to invest in a proxy provider that offers dedicated proxies. As I mentioned above, semi-dedicated proxies are cost-effective, but dedicated proxies are the safest option, and fairly priced considering the benefits.

Finally, check that the provider has a customer service team that is ready and available 24/7. As those accessing Hulu with a proxy will most likely live or travel outside of the United States, you will want to make sure that there is a support system that can answer any and all of your questions in a timely manner.

Keep all of the above in mind and you will be ready to enjoy Hulu from anywhere on the planet.

Wrapping up on Hulu Proxies

Having recovered from my fit of jealously over how easy it is to access content these days, I signed up for Hulu and never looked back. From its easy-to-navigate landing pages to an extensive range of films and shows to watch, Hulu has truly made cable inconsequential. Not only that, but the ad-free subscription is far cheaper than any cable bill I have ever laid my eyes upon. Needless to say, I am hooked. That is why I use a proxy to keep my identity safe and access my favorite shows when traveling abroad. No matter where you are in the world, once you find a trusted proxy provider, you will be able to purchase and install a high-quality Hulu proxy in no time. It has never been easier to stream the content that you crave.

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